Connections to the Present

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I’m a black activist. Here’s what people get wrong about Black Lives Matter.
By Vann Newkirk

Exploring the similarities and differences between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Civil Rights Movement.



Radical Equations: The Algebra Project
By Robert Moses and Charles Cobb Jr.

The Algebra Project draws on the organizing tradition of the Civil Rights Movement to help young people find their voice and achieve math literacy.

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Teaching Activity

Raise Your Voice: The Role of Media in Black Activism
By Rachel Reinhard, Berkeley History-Social Science Project

Students explore how various forms of media have been used throughout history to shine a light on instances of state-sanctioned violence against the Black community. 


Teaching Activity

Si Se Puede! Yes, We Can!
By Marcy Fink Campos

Using the bilingual children's book Si Se Puede! Yes, We Can! to explore ways to organize for change, labor issues, and help students connect to workers in their own schools.

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Teaching Activity

Analyzing Multiple Perspectives: What Triggered Outbursts of Violence in Baltimore?
By Melissa Graham


Teaching Activity

Marching for Civil Rights Today: A Collaborative Mural
By Patty Bode

This mural making activity raises students' awareness of current civil rights issues and injustices helps them see the relevance and deeper understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.


Recommended books, films, and more for further learning about connections to the present.